Metaple Finance
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December 2021 - Inception of the Concept
January 2022 - Planning and Team Building
January 2022 - Beginning of platform development
February 2022 - Deployment on Testnet for testing the platform in Alfa and Beta Version
March 2022 - Get Audited by Security Partners
March 2022 - Launch of Metaple Finance with Swapping, Farming & Multi-Staking Protocol
March 2022 - Listing on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap. Locking Liquidity on an immediate basis
April 2022 - Aggressive Marketing Campaign Launch with Bounty Campaign on BitcoinTalk
May 2022 - Partnership Announcements with the Financial Institutions & other Defi projects of BSC
June 2022 - New farming and staking pools will be added
July 2022 - Strategic and Fair Launchpad for new Projects
August 2022 - Android Wallet and IOS Wallet Development begins
September 2022 - Lottery Feature Stay tuned for more...
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